Locations closed until further notice.

Please contact Jamie Chan at with any questions about CSME.

Main Office

Location: Science Building, Room 211


Phone: (415) 405-4190

Fax: (415) 338-0572

Student Assistant Fall 2020 hours:

Office closed until further notice, please contact for any questions.

Mailing Address

Center for Science and Math Education

1600 Holloway Avenue, SCI 211

SF, CA 94132


Lawrence Horvath

Professor, Dept of Secondary Ed, Graduate College of Education

Director, Noyce Fellows Program

(415) 338-2693

Faculty & Staff

Jamie Chan

Program Director, Teacher Fellowship

Program Director, Noyce Fellowship

Coordinator, STEM HOUSE

(415) 405-4047

Jessica Fielder

Lecturer, Dept of Physics and Astronomy

Program Director, Supplemental Instruction program

(415) 405-2446

David Klein

Program Director, San Francisco Math Circle

Project Coordinator, CSME

Tyler Knapp

Director of Math Festivals

San Francisco Math Circle & Julia Robinson Mathematic Festival West

Andrea Spillane

Program Analyst, CSME

(415) 405-4049

Student Assistants

Main Office

Closed until further notice

Madison & Chris

(415) 405-4190

CSME Annex/Trailer P

Closed until further notice

Karlie & Isabel

(415) 338-0945