San Francisco Math Circle (SFMC)

The San Francisco Math Circle ( offers opportunities to learn advanced mathematics and problem solving to elementary and middle school students in the San Francisco Bay Area in weekly after-school enrichment program. Math is more than memorization and worksheets, and we aspire to share this with our students. Each week we explore mathematical concepts by playing games, asking questions, making connections, and interacting with friends. 

We strive to support student-driven inquiry and exploration. As we encourage students to begin exploring more independently, we will help them develop the necessary skills. Small student-instructor ratios are key to ensuring everyone has an opportunity to learn, play, and participate. Weekly activities usually make use of manipulatives to dive into a wide variety of higher-level topics such as number theory, game theory, combinatorics, probability, statistics, algebra, and topology.  Class begins by introducing the topic, terms, and basic ideas associated with a higher-level concept. Our goal is to lead students to consider new options and engage in critical thinking. By the end of the hour, students are familiar with new ideas and applied their learning through hands-on games and activities.

Locations and recruitment are designed to expand mathematical opportunities to underrepresented populations throughout San Francisco. To reach a broader audience, SFMC partners with schools, parents, and teachers to find promising students from varied backgrounds who may otherwise not know of such opportunities. We want to introduce young students to the world of mathematics, and to foster positive connections students have with mathematics!