A planning committee of the faculty members listed below was assembled by Associate Dean Sung Hu from the College of Science and Engineering and the College of Education to develop a proposal for a Center focusing on math and science education.

  • Jennifer Breckler, Biology
  • Nan Carnal, Biology
  • David Dempsey, Geosciences
  • Eric Hsu, Mathematics
  • Judy Kysh, Secondary Education
  • Carol Langbort, Elementary Education
  • Kathleen A. O'Sullivan, Secondary Education
  • Nilgun Ozer, Engineering
  • Stephanie Sisk-Hilton, Elementary Education
  • John Stubbs, Biology
  • Kimberly Tanner, Biology
  • Ray Trautman, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Funds and plans to establish the Center approved by President Corrigan and Provost and Vice President Gemello, with a commitment to fund the Center through 2011.


CSME Faculty Minigrant Program established. Professors Dempsey and Trautman serve as interim co-directors.


Establishment of the MSTI Fellows Program, Spaceward Bound and STAR Internship Program. Director: Jan Mokros. Faculty co-Directors: Dave Dempsey, Eric Hsu and Ray Trautman. Project Director: Jamie Chan


Establishment of the MSTI Fellows Resource Room and CSME Summer Internships. Interim Director: Nilgun Ozer. Faculty co-Directors: Adrienne Cool, Dave Dempsey and Eric Hsu. Project Director: Jamie Chan.


Expansion of the CSME Teacher Fellows Program to more than 40 members. Establishment of the CSME Annex and Math Education Resource Center. Pilot program of trainings for science GTAs. Faculty co-Directors: Adrienne Cool, Eric Hsu and Kimberly Tanner. Project Director: Jamie Chan.


Expansion of the CSME Teacher Fellows Program to more than 50 members. Reinstatement of the Supplemental Instruction courses. Director: Eric Hsu. Faculty in Residence: Adrienne Cool. Project Directors: Jamie Chan, Concha Gomez (Fall 2010), Brandy Wiegers (Spring 2011).