Learning Assistants


What are learning assistants (LAs)?

Learning assistants are undergraduates who are part of a community of inclusive teaching and learning in STEM!

What is the commitment?

  • Participate in an active, inclusive learning environment in a section of a STEM
  • Attend weekly planning meetings with your LA mentor (the course instructor)
  • Participate in pedagogy meetings with other LAs one hour per week, where you learn fundamentals of teaching STEM

What are the benefits of being an LA?

  • Earn upper division course credits in the discipline
  • Review material from STEM classes you’ve taken in a unique and fun way
  • Learn how faculty think about and prepare class activities 
  • Interact with STEM students who are coming up

Subjects you can be an LA for through CSME:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Science
  • Math

Previous LAs say:

  • "I think it’s just a good program for any science major, just a good experience.”
  • “I definitely see my professor as more of a mentor now.”
  • “Between being a learning assistant and a student, I think it’s helped ME a lot, just like reading, you know, these teaching methods and stuff, it just helped me see where I am...”

Previous LA mentors say:

  • “[LAs] can provide faculty very useful insights on what students are struggling with, both in the classroom and in their everyday lives.”

If you want to participate, either as a LA or LA mentor, please contact the program director, Professor Kim Coble (kcoble@sfsu.edu).

Being an LA is not: a grader, tutor, TA, section instructor, or discussion leader. If you're looking for a paid program, there are many CSME programs to choose from.

To learn more about LA programs around the country, visit the Learning Assistant Alliance.