Main Office

Location: Science Building, Room 211


Phone: (415) 405-4190

Fax: (415) 338-0572

Mailing Address

Center for Science and Math Education

1600 Holloway Avenue, SCI 211

SF, CA 94132

Interim co-Directors

Alegra Eroy-Reveles

Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry

Faculty Mentor, Supplemental Instruction

(415) 405-0928

Lawrence Horvath

Professor, Dept of Secondary Ed, Graduate College of Education

Director, Noyce Fellows Program

(415) 338-2693


Eric Hsu

Professor, Dept of Mathematics

(415) 405-4190

Faculty & Staff

Jamie Chan

Program Director, Teacher Fellowship

Program Director, Noyce Fellowship

Coordinator, STEM HOUSE

(415) 405-4047

Jessica Fielder

Lecturer, Dept of Physics and Astronomy

Program Director, Supplemental Instruction program

(415) 405-2446

Emily McCullough

Program Director, San Francisco Math Circle

Project Coordinator, CSME

(415) 405-0540

Andrea Spillane

Program Analyst, CSME

(415) 405-4049

Student Assistants

Main Office

Matilda & Sasha

(415) 405-4190

CSME Annex/Trailer P


(415) 338-0945