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STEM SYMPOSIUM sponsored events at Teach for the Bay Virtual Conference

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Please email the workshop leads for registration. Their emails are listed below.

The first 75 SFSU students will be guaranteed a $100 honorarium for attendance of TWO of our STEM Education workshops/events as listed below. All undergraduates + community college attendees who anticipate entering a credential program at SFSU will be eligible for additional funding to support their teacher preparation. E-mail Jmchan@sfsu.edu for more information.

Tinkering with Tinkercad - Mon. Oct 5th, 2-3 PM

Target Audience: Future teachers/students, Current K-12 teachers, TK-5, Grades 6-12 

Hosted by: San Francisco Unified High School District

Presenters: Carmen Daniel and Susie Kameny

Email: ogdendanielc@sfusd.edu, kamenys@sfusd.edu

A workshop for teachers 3rd grade through middle school about how to incorporate digital 3-D modeling into your STEM curriculum. 

Susie Kaney met Carmen Daniel while they were both working at the computer lab at Roosevelt Middle School. They discovered they had a mutual passion for arts ed and its intersection with technology. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with the larger education community.

TeenTechSF: Student-Led STEM Educational Equity Workshop - Mon. Oct 5th, 4-5PM

Target Audience: Future teachers/students, Current K-12 teachers, Current Community College/University Instructors, Education stakeholders, Grades 6-12, Students grade 6-12

Hosted by: TeenTechSF.org

Presenters: TeenTechSF Student Leaders: Sarah Cheung (President), Brian Whitney (Stem Workshop Chair), Emre Yavuz (Stem Workshop Vice Chair), Harini Buddaluru and Reha Matai (Communication Vice Chairs and Stem Workshop Leaders; Adult Ally: Julie Wong, TeenTechSF Program Manager, Yale BA, Northwestern MBA, SJSU MA Ed, USC MRED) 

Coordinator: Julie Wong

Email: joyfulnoise@aya.yale.edu

Join TeenTechSF student leaders at the BACCC "Teach the Bay" online conference as we share our unique youth-centered perspective to discuss key strategies for empowering student-led distance learning and using tech to provide educational equity and meet the needs of our commmunities during Covid. TeenTechSF's mission is to empower the next generation of tech innovators and civic entrepreneurs through equal access to tech for all teens because diversity fuels innovation. Run by and for teens, all our events are free. During Covid, we radically revamped our program, organizing our first online conference, Covid Connect, featuring keynote SF Human Rights Executive Director Sheryl Davis, and workshops to help students use tech tools to understand the impact of Covid, and help those most in need in our communities, including database development using John Hopkins Covid data on GitHub, and fabricating CAD face shields. Workshop is free, but space is limited. Once you've registered on EvenBrite, we will send you additional info. Come prepared to ask us hard questions about how you can improve peer engagement with your STEM distance learning program! For more info about TeenTechSF and how you and your students can get involved, please visit our website at TeenTechSF.org or contact us at: TeenTechSF@gmail.com

A post workshop message from TeenTech: 

Thank you so much for attending this workshop! To learn more about Who We Are and What We Do, visit teentechsf.org!

Here are some of our upcoming events:

 Integrating NGSS Alignment and 5E Framework - Tues. October 6th, 1-2PM

Target Audience: Future teachers/students, Current K-12 teachers, Education stakeholders, TK-5, Special Ed

Hosted By: Science from Scientists 

Presenters: Simone Lewis-Koskinen (Outreach Coordinator, Instructor), Gauri Vaishampayan (Director of Operations)

Email: simone@sciencefromscientists.org

Science from Sceintistists (SfS) provides hands-on, NGSS aligned programming for students (3rd-8th grade) to support developing their attitudes and aplitudes towards STEM content. Our lessons (1) focus on culturally responsive approaches to engage students in STEM content, (2) create relevant experiences for students to explore phenomena, (3) and explain phenomena, (4) provide resources to elorbate on content, and finally (5) evaluate students' learning. This presentation will showcase one of our lessons that we will breakdown to highlight NGSS alignment and each component of the 5e framework. Additionally, we will discuss findings and implications of our appraoch throughout the lesson.

Follow up folder from presentation

Teaching Diversity in STEM - Tues. October 6th, 2-3PM

Target Audience: Future teachers/students, Current K-12 teachers, Current Community College/University Instructors, Education stakeholders, Grades 6-12

Hosted By: High School of the Arts

Presenter: Darragh Leddy, STEM High School Educator

Email: darragh.leddy@highschoolofthearts.org

Exploring STEM foundations in an all-girls education with diverse socio-economic backgrounds by instilling confidence, introducing familiarity, and offering project-based real world applications.

STEM Teaching What to Expect - Tues. October 6th, 3-4PM

Target Audience: Future teachers/students, Current K-12 teachers, Grades 6-12, STEM 

Hosted By: SFSU STEM TEACHER SYMPOSIUM + Center for Science and Mathematics Education 

Presenters: Clyde Jones, Donna DelaCalzada, Maya Cook, Kimberly Seashore, Lawrence Horvath, Jamie Chan

Coordinator: Jamie Chan

Email: jmchan@sfsu.edu

Join alumni and current students at SFSU on an informative about how these diverse teachers panel navigated their way in the teacher credentialing process, and entering their first instructional classrooms. 

Panelists will share perspectives and insight into their experience on navigating this complex field, and how Social Justice and Cultural Relativity are impacting the expectations of a teacher and their students in both math and science classrooms. We will also discuss resources offered at SFSU to support future Math or Science Teachers.

Criterion Based Grading in STEM Classrooms - Thurs. October 8th, 3-4PM

Target Audience: Future teachers/students, Current K-12 teachers, Education stakeholders, Grades 6-12

Hosted By: SFSU STEM TEACHER SYMPOSIUM + The Haverford School 

Presenter: Nathan Bridge

Coordinator: Nathan Bridge

Email: nbridge@haverford.org

If you are unsatisfied with your assessment approach to projects and labs, and feel like the assigned percentage or letter grade doesn't fully capture the strengths of student learning or provide adequate feedback, then consider employing Criterion Based Grading in your classroom. This workshop is intended for teachers who want a richer, more descriptive framework for their assessment grading practices, but who feel confined within traditional systems of points and percentages. By the end, participants will have the opportunity to workshop potential Criterion Based Grading Systems for their own classes and will leave with a foundational understanding of how Criterion Based Grading can be applied within their classrooms.

Elementary Science Instruction Design with Equity in Mind -Tuse. Oct 6th, 10AM or 3PM, or Fri. 10/9 10 AM

Target Audience: Current K-12 teachers, Education stakeholders, TK-5

Hosted By: Science is Elementary

Presenters: Tzipor Ulman, PhD and Jennifer Urmson

Coordinator: Tzipor Ulman

Email: tzipor@scienceiselementary.org

Science is Elementary (SiE) will present a template for science instruction designed with equity in mind. SiE lessons are designed for all learners, including those learning English or from untapped communities. Lessons include scaffolding of concepts and language, as well as hands-on investigations to allow all students to explore and learn. The workshop will include interactive experiments, templates for engineering activities for kindergarten and second grade, and modeling of small and large group discussions to promote language skills and deepen understanding of science concepts.

The Urban Classroom, Teaching Real Lab skills with what you've got: Paperclips, Cups and Food

Fri. October 9th, 3-4PM


Presenter: Leslie Manjarrez

Email: manjarrezl@sfusd.edu

A hands on workshop to learn strategies to learn how to use what you already have in your classroom, and how you can convert these practices into "learning at home" through virtual modeling techniques and supports from your at home classroom. These will include low cost accessible options available at grocery stores, the cafeteria and the corner pharmacy that will support teaching students real science practices as lined out by the NGSS. These practices include planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, developing and using models, obtaining, evaluating and communicating information. Many of the activities that will be proposed can be adapted or can be extended to fit various grade levels."

Urban Classroom workshop slides: HERE