Kim Coble

Kim Coble

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, College of Science and Engineering


Office: SCI 387
Phone: (415) 338-1654


Kim Coble (aka “AstroKim”) is a recent transplant to the Bay Area, after living in Chicago for more than two decades and growing up on the east coast, in Columbia, MD. She is a Professor of Physics and  Astronomy at SFSU,  with  expertise  in physics  and  astronomy  education  researchand extensive  experience  teaching  reformed introductory physics  and  astronomy  classes. Her research centers on understanding students’ ideas about modern topics in science(such  as cosmology, her former path in life), recognizing the strengths that diverse learners bring to the classroom and to STEM professions, and creating innovative, active learning environments that engage  students  in  realistic  scientific  practices. She is  currently  the  chair  ofthe Education Committee  of  the  American  Astronomical  Society(AAS) and serves  on the  Committee  for  the Status  of  Minorities  in  Astronomy.  She was  a  member  of the  AAS  Task  Force  on Diversityand Inclusion  in  Graduate  Astronomy  Education,  served  on the  Committee  on  Diversityof the American  Association  of  Physics  Teachers  (AAPT)and  was  an  organizer  of  the  Inclusive Astronomy  2015 conference. At  SFSU she  is the  director  for  the  Learning  Assistant  program,a member  of  the  Faculty  Agents  of  Change, as  well  asa  faculty  collaborator  for  the  Center  for Science and Math Education.She was formerly a Professor at Chicago State University, anNSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Fellow, and obtained her PhDfrom the University of Chicago and Bachelor’s from the University of Pennsylvania.