SI Courses & Benefits

Why take an SI (Supplemental Instruction) course?

Class Format

Instruction in the SI courses is mainly through hands-on and interactive group work. The classes meet once per week for 100 minutes. Class size is limited to 20-25 seats so that students can work together in small groups. It is important to note that SI is not homework help, tutoring time, or open study hall. SI Facilitators are present to facilitate the workshop and foster a collaborative learning environment where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas and learn how to integrate course content with reasoning and study skills.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning refers to a situation in which two or more people attempt to learn something together. Unlike individual learning, students engaged in collaborative learning take advantage of one another's knowledge and skills to get a better understanding of the material.

In SI courses, students engage in a common task related to the material covered in the lecture course and, in the process, develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Better Grades

Students who take SI tend to get better grades in the lecture courses and learn study skills that are applicable to all college level classes.

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