Jamie Chan

Jamie Chan

Program Director, Teacher Fellowship
Program Director, Western Regional Noyce Alliance
Coordinator & Instructor, STEM HOUSE
Operations Lead, Center for Science and Mathematics Education
Doctoral Student in Educational Leadership


Office: Science 211
Email: jmchan@sfsu.edu
Phone: (415) 405-4047


Jamie Marie Chan is a fourth generation San Franciscan and proud alumni of the SF unified public school district. She grew up loving nature and art. She enjoyed telling the stories of people and places, so she wanted to be a documentary filmmaker when she was young. She attended film school eventually changed her major and completed a BS in Invertebrate Zoology at SFSU. She received a Masters in Science in evolutionary biology and science education in 2006. She has been teaching and supporting future STEM teachers at the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME) at San Francisco State University since 2008. Prior to CSME, her research focused on the evolution of marine invertebrates at the California Academy of Sciences and K-12 science education as a researcher and lecturer in the SFSU Biology department. She has taught science, art and horticulture to over 3600 students ranging from preschool to adult age. Her work is rooted in helping her fellow people of color gain confidence in STEM literacy, no matter their career trajectory. In 2017-2018, she received the College of Science & Engineering Service Award in recognition of her commitment, and support for STEM teaching and food justice both academically and in the asian immigrant community. In Fall 2019 Jamie entered the San Francisco State Univerisity doctorate program in Educational Leadership. Her research focuses on integrating science teaching, social justice, and climate issues in K-12 settings.