Commitment to Antiracism

CSME Statement

The wave of protests triggered by the totally unjustified and brutal murder of George Floyd and the on-going Black Lives Matter movement has inspired and challenged us, the members of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, to clearly state our anti-racist values and commitments.

The members of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education believe

  • The lives of SFSU’s Black students, faculty and staff matter.
  • Because of the history and present conditions of the U.S., there is systemic anti-blackness in our country’s social and economic structures.
  • Our university, STEM and our STEM education system has anti-blackness embedded in its structures, ideas and practices.
  • This anti-blackness results in an abusive environment for Black people in our SFSU community.
  • We need to acknowledge the role that we collectively and individually play in allowing anti-blackness to continue in our practices as STEM educators.
  • It is our moral obligation to oppose anti-blackness and to create anti-racist programs to improve the lives of Black people at SFSU.

We commit over this next year to

  • Organize a staff-wide study group on research on anti-blackness in STEM.
  • Pay for CSME staff professional development on anti-racism and implicit bias.
  • Support study groups and professional development for the students in CSME programs, as well as members in other COSE and SFSU units
  • Create meaningful collaborations with experts in the College of Ethnic Studies and the Graduate College of Education to better focus our energy for change.
  • Establish measurable anti-racist goals in our programs to which we can hold ourselves accountable.
  • Report on the outcomes of the evaluation to a stakeholder audience that includes COSE, Ethnic Studies, and Education partners.


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