Mentorship Advancement Program

STEM Mentorship Advancement Program

The Mentorship Advancement Program (MAP) provides mentorship opportunities to 120 high school students and their coaches, which will enable students to demonstrate scientific rigor, develop confidence and to pursue their interest in STEM fields, especially in marine and environmental science.

The Sea Lion MAP will broaden and deepen student participants’ knowledge of and interest in STEM fields by providing enhanced inquiry-based learning in 16 high schools while creating a supportive network of ocean science mentors in Northern California.

Become a Mentor

MAP will train and support selected graduate students (MAP Mentors) to become better teachers and communicators of science and, in the process, enrich the science experiences and understanding of high school students.

MAP Mentors will receive training in scientific teaching, learning and communication of science during February 2014. They will then prepare and deliver a lesson plan to students at a Bay Area High School before the end of Spring 2014. A $1200 stipend will be awarded upon completion of the work.

Essential Qualification of Prospective MAP Mentors Include:

  • Masters student standing
  • Some teaching or mentoring experience
  • A committed Masters advisor and proposed research project

Additional Desired Qualifications Include:

  • Second language skills
  • Experience with East Bay and SF school districts as an alum or volunteer

MAP Mentors are Expected to:

  • Attend the orientation and training session on 1/24/2014
  • Attend a hands-on workshop on 2/1/2014
  • Attend and present a draft lesson plan at the follow-up meeting on 2/15/2014
  • Meet with one of the program directors at least once between 2/20/2014 and 4/15/2014
  • Present lesson plan to high school students during the Spring 2014 Semester
  • Complete pre- and post-evaluations


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