Poster Instructions

Supported Files Types

  • Powerpoint: Mac or PC originals
  • Illustrator: PC originals only
  • Generic .pdf (Acrobat): Mac or PC


Conference Poster Size: 38" x 50" OR 36" x 48" (sizes for various conferences and programs may vary)

Poster Size Orientation: Landscape (bottom of poster is wider than sides of poster)


  1. Before you enter any content, please make sure you create your poster in the intended print size. For example, in Powerpoint, go to the page setup option for your slide and change the size to the desired print size (e.g., 24" height x 35" width). Please check even if you are using a template. Template sizes may vary. It is important that you do this step first before anything else. The templates below should be set to these dimensions.
  2. Make sure to save your poster every few minutes when you are working on it.
  3. Test your poster files on various computers. Also send it out for confirmation before printing.


Contact for current logos.