San Francisco Math Circle (SFMC)

The San Francisco Math Circle (SFMC),, offers opportunities to learn advanced mathematics and problem solving to elementary, middle and high school students and teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area in a free, weekly after-school enrichment program. CSME directs the program with assistance from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, the Stephens D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation and The Moody’s Foundation.

Locations and recruitment are designed to expand mathematical opportunities to underrepresented populations throughout San Francisco. To reach a boarder audience, SFMC partners with teachers to find promising students from varied backgrounds who may otherwise not know of such opportunities. These teachers often drive their students to SFMC, or accompany them on public transit and attend the SF Math Circle for Teachers.

Sessions are held weekly at Mission HS, Burton HS, Lowell HS and SF State.  In 2010-2011, we had over 275 students and 31 teachers involved. Every week there was an average of 54 students and 11 teachers. Our participants represented 27 schools. The Mission HS SF Math Circle site continues to draw participants from the predominantly Latino Mission District and the Burton site draws students from the predominantly African American Bayview/Hunters Point Districts.