Welcome to STEM HOUSE (STEM Hands On University School Engagement)

Each lab will last approximately 2 hours on Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30am* at San Francisco State University in Burk Hall 182 and 178.

*An alternate lab time of 10am to 12pm is available if it works better for your class. Please indicate during registration. 

Please note that STEM HOUSE can only accommodate 3rd through 5th graders depending on the lab topic. Please review each description below to see if this lab is appropriate.

Maximum student capacity: 60

Lab Themes and Dates

Animal Adaptation and Natural Selection (appropriate for grades 4-5)

In this lab, students will explore the form and function of cricket bodies and use what they learn to engage in a thought experiment about natural selection. They will gather and analyze data around the length of cricket jumps and use this to develop a mental and representational model of natural selection.

Lab Dates: 2/7, 2/21, and 2/28

Seed Dispersal and Survival Value of Traits (appropriate for grades 3-4)

In this lab, students will observe a large variety of seeds and make inferences about the environment in which the corresponding plants live. They will engage in the survival value of their different properties. They will gather first hand data about how these seeds disperse and then use this information to design a seed that will disperse well in a particular environment.

Lab Dates: 3/14, 4/4, and 4/11

Bioengineering: Designing Pollinators (appropriate for grades 3-5)

In this lab, students will dissect a flower to understand the function of different flower parts in the reproduction process. They will be introduced to the problem of reduced animal pollinators and will use the engineering design process to develop a hand pollinator that mimics the function of a particular flower's natural pollinator.
Lab Dates: 5/2 and 5/9

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